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sâmbătă, 28 octombrie 2017

Buget SUA

Politicians in Washington gamed the federal budget. Now you can get into the act, and produce much better results.
The budget Congress passed yesterday does nothing to address what is driving the national debt towards heights never seen before. In fact, it moves in the opposite direction by allowing tax cuts to add to the already unsustainable debt outlook.
The Debt Fixer interactive budget tool from our partners at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget allows you to create your own federal budget and see how it affects the national debt in the near and long term. And you can share your results with your representatives.
Some Members of Congress are paying attention and are encouraging people to use the tool. Lawmakers need to know that you support sound policies that will fix the debt.
Take control with the Debt Fixer today and share your results.
Chris Dreibelbis
Campaign to Fix the Debt


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