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marți, 4 iulie 2017

The Jerusalem Post

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IDF Skylark drone crashes in Gaza
Monday's crash is the latest in a series of crashes over the past several years and just last Thursday, another Skylark crashed near the West Bank city of Bethlehem before being recovered by the IDF.
Syrian army announces ceasefire in southern Syria
The army general command said that it was being done to support "reconciliation efforts" in the...
Welcome, PM Modi
We welcome Prime Minister Modi, join him in celebrating 25 years of diplomatic ties and...
At July 4th event, Bibi vows to make every Jew feel at home at Kotel
Friedman meets delegation from J Street, group he once called "worse than kapos."
WATCH: Challenges of the Negev from the air

The debate in the media and press and on maps and at Knesset meetings is all very interesting, but seeing it from the air or on the ground shows the real challenge.

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North Korea claims successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile
The launch, which North Korea's state media said was ordered and supervised by Kim Jong Un...
Haley asks UN not to inscribe Hebron on World Heritage List
“Many precious sites are under real and imminent threat of destruction today...UNESCO’s...
Troubled Labor could make history in today's vote
If Herzog gets reelected, he would make history, becoming the first Labor leader to be...
NEW RECIPE: Gourmet the Israeli way with Chef Lysy

Israeli chef Alon Lysy shares his exclusive gourmet tips and recipes.

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How Christian Zionists can solve the Western Wall crisis
Christian Zionists can hold down the fort in the US to ensure that America stands strong with her...
US, Israeli experts warn of danger to data privacy in digital age
“When companies are hacked, consumers don’t care whose fault it is. They just say the company...
What’s next for US-trained Syrian rebels cut off from fighting ISIS?
Coalition spokesman speaks to ‘Post’ about finding a role for the fighters it trained.
British royals to visit Holocaust sites on Europe tour

Prince William, Kate Middleton are due to visit site of a Nazi concentration camp, Berlin Holocaust Museum during visit to Germany, Poland.

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