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vineri, 7 aprilie 2017

The Jerusalem Post

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Hamas executes three accused of collaborating with Israel
Fuqaha, who was a senior Hamas military leader, was mysteriously assassinated on March 24 near his home in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City.
Israeli firm inks historic $2 billion defense deal with India
Israel has been supplying India with various weapons systems, missiles and unmanned aerial...
Democrat Engel prepares to work with Trump on Israel
Join Eliot Engel at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York City on May 7.
Jpost exclusive: Moscow surprisingly says West Jerusalem is Israel's capital
No other country in the world recognizes any part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
The candidate to lead Israel's right-wing in a post-Netanyahu era?
Naftali Bennett is enjoying life in his ministry and waiting on the sidelines for his chance to take...
Passover: Nationalism, Freedom and Humanism
The Exodus from Egypt is what brought Israelites their freedom and made them into a nation.
WATCH: This week in 60 seconds

Terror attacks hit West Bank, Syria and Russia.

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