Reda-i copilaria lui Stefanut

marți, 18 aprilie 2017


You might rob me of my last inches of land…
And throw my youth to years of imprisonment…
You might put out a flame in my darkest night…
And deprive me of my mother’s kiss…
You might rob me of a fragment of my dreams…
And deprive our children of the joy of celebrating a Eid with new clothes..
You might build around me walls and walls, enemy of the sun..!
But, I will never compromise..!
And to the very last pulse in my veins, I will fight..!
Our song is the innermost cry of the soul
Our speech is the richest poetry in words
Our dance is the rolling thunder on the floor
Our strength is rooted in our ties to history
Our faith is unpolluted spirituality
Our determination is a legend in time
Our love is a field of roses until the horizon
Our hospitality is our honor and our grace
Our resistance is all of the above
We are Palestine
And we shall remain
Doc Jazz

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