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duminică, 5 martie 2017


    Good afternoon, Odorica
    Sunday, March 05
  • Iraqi forces on schedule in Mosul fight: US general
    Iraqi security forces are progressing as planned in their battle to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State group but the fighting will get tougher as they approach the city center, a US general said Saturday. "We are on (a good) timeline and we are fairly confident that the Iraqis are learning every day, and we are fairly confident they are going to continue to progress well," said Brigadier General Rick Uribe, a deputy commanding general for coalition land forces. The US-led coalition has been providing training and continual air support for Iraqi security forces as they fight to remove IS from the nation, and some of the bloodiest battles have taken place in Mosul since operations began there in October. Read More

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