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sâmbătă, 4 martie 2017


    Good evening, Odorica
    Saturday, March 04
  • Isis defeat in northern Syria opens deadly new phase in civil war as rebel groups turn on each other
    The Independent
    The looming defeat of Isis in northern Syria is pushing the country’s six-year civil war into a new and dangerous phase as warring parties turn on each other, analysts have warned. The battle to defeat jihadis has made uneasy allies out of forces backed by countries including Britain, the US, Russia, Turkey and Iran but as victorious groups fill territory the so-called Islamic State once controlled, old enemies are coming face-to-face – with deadly consequences. Fighting has erupted along converging frontlines between Bashar al-Assad’s army, opposition groups and Kurdish forces around the northern city of al-Bab, where the US-led coalition and Russian air force have been providing air support to allies. Read More

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