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marți, 21 februarie 2017


către mine
How Trump's New Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Became a Soldier’s Soldier
Will Trump's new national security adviser be able to ply his Vietnam lessons in the White House?
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Stoke Central
Two Elections in Stoke and Copeland Expose Britain's Post-Brexit Political Chaos
Britain's premier center-left party, Labour is in steep decline, hovering around 25 percent support in opinion polls. Can it claw back support in the post-Brexit world?
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Libya women demonstration
Eastern Libya Ban on Women Traveling Abroad Alone Spurs Outrage
Libya's eastern authority has banned women under 60 years old from traveling alone.
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smartphone app gazespeak ALS Microsoft
Smartphone App Helps ALS Sufferers Speak With Their Eyes
Microsoft's GazeSpeak smartphone app interprets eye signals and registers them as letters.
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Jimmy Kimmel
Is Jimmy Kimmel Planning to Roast Donald Trump at the Oscars?
The comedian will host the Academy Awards Sunday.
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Russian Su-27
NATO Intercepts Russian Bombers Above Baltic Sea Twice in One Week
The Il-22 were followed by fighter jets whose transponders were switched off.
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Why the Flynn-Russia Affair Is So Troubling for Donald Trump
To reach the desk of the FBI director, the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador had to clear high counterintelligence hurdles.
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Congo soldiers patrol
U.N. Calls for Investigation Into Alleged Atrocities in Congo
A video has emerged purportedly showing Congolese soldiers executing civilians.
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Solange Set for Rare U.K. Gig at London's Lovebox Festival
Solange joins Frank Ocean and Sampha on the bill for an east London summer festival.
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Trump Netanyahu 2017
Could Donald Trump Broker Peace Between the Israelis and the Palestinians?
A one-state solution will only result in a bloody lose-lose, writes former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. What we want is a friendly divorce.
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