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luni, 2 ianuarie 2017


  • Pentagon Hates Textron's Scorpion -- But Loves This Aircraft -- The Motley Fool
    The Motley Fool
    It's been more than three years since Textron (NYSE:TXT) announced -- to great fanfare -- the creation of a budget-priced, jet-powered fighter jet. Built in record time from off-the-shelf parts, the new Textron AirLand Scorpion boasts a top speed two-thirds the speed of sound (450 knots), a payload of up to 3,000 lbs. of bombs and missiles carried internally, and a budget price of less than $25 million per plane -- but not a single sale to any customer in more than three years. Lucky for Textron, then, that the Scorpion jet isn't the only weapon it's got up its sleeves. While the Scorpion jet is getting no love at the Pentagon, there's another Textron plane that the Marine Corps (at least) simply cannot get enough of: the tiltrotor V-22 Osprey, co-built by Textron and Boeing (NYSE:BA). Read More

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