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sâmbătă, 1 octombrie 2016



Press TV Iran

The British defense minister says the United Kingdom will fully break up with the European Union (EU), dismissing calls for a “soft Brexit.”
Britain won’t have “soft Brexit” on the table, says the UK defense secretary.


Pofta buna !

Deliciosas berenjenas con salchichas y pavo, ligeras y sencillas para una comida perfecta.


Numerologii secrete

#‎Numerology secrets of angel number 333... ✨
What does angel number 333 really mean?

Politicianul ideal

Vegetarian să fie
Câte zile are anul
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Vegetarian să fie Câte zile are anul Şi să facă alergie ---Click pe poză---

Press TV Iran

Rusia a avertizat că orice "agresiune directă" de către SUA împotriva guvernului sirian sau armata ar conduce la "schimbări înfricoșătoare, tectonice" din Orientul Mijlociu.
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Russia warns any direct US aggression against the Syrian government or army would lead to “frightening, tectonic shifts” in the Middle East.

Press TV Iran

Avioanele de război franceze scrambled la Mosul "anti-Daesh" misiune
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The jets took off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.

Lupte aprige

  • Syrian army, rebels wage fierce battles in Aleppo
    Syrian government forces and rebels fought battles in the center of Aleppo and north of the city on Friday, a week into a Russian-backed offensive by the Syrian army to take the entire area, a war monitor and sources on both sides said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a Syrian military source said government forces had captured territory north of Aleppo and buildings in the city center. Syrian state television reported that a child had been killed and others injured by rebel shelling in the government-held al-Ithaa neighborhood of Aleppo. Read More

vineri, 30 septembrie 2016


către mine
Hungary-Serbia border fence
‘It Is Like A Virus’: Brussels Braces For Third Referendum Defeat In Hungary
A plebiscite on quotas for relocating asylum seekers is forcing the EU to question itself.
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Trump's Energy Agenda: Faulty Math, False Promises, Experts Say
Trump's willing to 'say anything at all—no matter how ridiculous or dishonest—to justify the know-nothingism of his base,' says president of the Niskanen Center.
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Rodrigo Duterte
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Compares Drug Crackdown to Holocaust
"If Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have...," said Duterte, pointing to himself.
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Gender Pay Gap
Why Men Must Be Excluded From Feminism To Stop It Becoming All About Them
Men are affected by patriarchy, but the truth is that it is a system set up for them.
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Wahida Mohamed with Iraqi militiamen
Iraqi Grandmother ‘Beheaded, Cooked and Burned’ ISIS Fighters After Family Massacre
Wahida Mohamed boasts of brutality after the murders of her two husbands, brothers and father.
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Obama’s Indifference to the Aleppo Slaughter Cannot Stand
Obama can draw comfort from a bottomless reservoir of public indifference toward the rape of Aleppo.
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The New Wave Of Violence Between Israelis and Palestinians
Shimon Peres’s Legacy: When There is No Vision, The People Perish
Peres leaves behind a country at a crossroads, awaiting its next chapter, writes John Lyndon.
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Police Shootings, Homegrown Terrorists and the Rolling Stones are Turning the Aughts Into the '60s
Cops gunning down innocent young black men, terrorists bombing abortion clinics and the Stones about to go on tour—the '60s are back with a vengeance.
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Emma Watson
Emma Watson on Gender Equality and the Struggles of Activism: Transcript
The actor and gender-equality campaigner spoke to activists at the One Young World conference in Canada.
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Beyoncé Invests in Concert Merchandise Tech Startup
The singer has invested in new mobile app Sidestep.
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