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sâmbătă, 14 mai 2016

Pofta buna !

Chip si Dale


Salut voios de pionier !

Ori lupta ori nu !
Zi si noapte, sambata si duminica. Nu putem sa zicem ca lenevesc, cu toate ca au pierderi uriase.
Ce este al lor, este al lor, sunt viteji neinfricati si asta datorita religiei, dar grupul care s-a rupt din ei sunt mai violenti,  spunand ca au plecat de la ei pentru ca erau prea molatici:)))
Cred ca atunci cand vor lupta individual vor fi mai periculosi si spre asta se indreapta CU TOATE CA UE-RISTII  CONTINUA SA FACA PE PROSTII, ca este mai comod si ii dau inainte ca o moara stricata cu democratia lor invechita si neadaptata la cerintele actuale, ca se si zice ca democratia nu este perfecta este perfectibila. Dar nici asa ca acum la noi, sa lasam pe toti  milogii, sa ne faca caca in cap si noi sa multumim frumos si sa mai cerem sa vina si alta data(dar cu produs mai moale).
In discutiile scurte pe internet vorbesc frumos, sunt politicosi vorbesc cu "dvs."nu insista pe religie care este subiect TABU. Au studii superioare facute in Orientul Mijlociu sau Europa, facultati stiintifice sau umaniste.
Daca nu ar fi asa violenti, ar fi BARBATII PERFECTI. :)))
Ati vazut cum se uita la ei copii lor si ce mandrii sunt cand vin acasa, in permisie sau raniti. Se uita ca la soare.
Le spun mamele ca sa fie cuminti ca le taie......:))))

ISIS a atacat

Islamic State storm Deir al-Zor hospital after dawn offensive - Amaq
Islamic State attacked a hospital in Deir al-Zor on Saturday and seized territory on the edge of the besieged eastern Syrian city still partly controlled by the government, the militant group said. Islamic State's Amaq news agency said its fighters stormed the Assad Hospital and also took control of a check point, a fire station and university accommodation in the city close to Syria's eastern border with Iraq. Islamic State controls most of Deir al-Zor province and has laid siege since March last year to the remaining government-held areas in the city of the same name. Read More


Mai mulţi cercetători curajoşi au format ORACUL – organizaţie pentru cercetarea adevăratei istorii a omenirii, cea care ni se ascunde de atâta timp!

Sunetul motoarelor

Visit the front lines of the Kurdish peshmerga fight against ISIS
This article was first published on The Daily Signal. First you notice the sound of jet engines. The sky is overcast, so you can’t see the coalition warplanes. But you can hear them. And you know what the snarl of jet noise and the occasional thud of an airstrike symbolizes for the ISIS fighters about a mile away. With a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder and a curved dagger sheathed in his waist sash, peshmerga Col. Anwar Hassan watches his enemies through binoculars. Hassan, 48, has been a Kurdish peshmerga soldier since the 1991 Kurdish uprising against Saddam Hussein’s regime, and he fought in the Iraqi Kurdish Civil War in the mid-1990s. He also remembers the genocidal Al-Anfal campaign Read More

Edison si Tesla

Siria azi

Fara protectia consumatorului


News Front

Ucraina a întărit poziția naționaliștilor APU
Afișează textul original
Украинские командование продолжает усиливать позиции ВСУ вдоль всей линии соприкосновения с Луганской Народной Республикой боевиками националистических батальонов. Об этом сегодня на брифинге в ЛуганскИнформЦентре

ISIS stare de urgenta

US military official says Islamic State declared state of emergency in Raqqa
Fox News
The Islamic State terror group declared a state of emergency in its de-facto capital of Raqqa, a U.S. military official said Friday. Col. Steve Warren said in a Pentagon briefing that officials were monitoring ISIS’ declaration to try and figure out what it meant. The extremist group reportedly began bolstering its supplies in its underground bunkers. “We have seen this declaration of emergency in Raqqa, whatever that means,” Warren said. ““We know this enemy feels threatened, as they should. They see the Syrian Democratic Forces along with the Syrian Arab Coalition maneuver both to their east and to their west.” Warren said that ISIS could be moving its troops to prepare for a possible attack. Read More


:))) Eu sunt !!!!

Happy weekend... ! smiley-laughing.gifbJqUaxtI4zUGXlLY70viEdpyVnAwtul9IWZf1x5h-Dw9vFYyrsrRg84nzUPNBavoMcuhlr8Cp9LvBSrUDFL4Ccd24bCs0yOSHaFA1W-CgEhSIONTVoiOMEoL0jDDq6tmOf_P80n4ZQE8QX3f7-9X7zWadIOOlpn-QC5LDAdzEMFvcEcewPRFjL3L46XpVSWH75jPXw7PNa5vYkt--yvXddV-hn3DsREdbkWMCPctm-oO2rK4wKyQlooj9xAhk8PxkmWE07ASkylFumL3G7wk92z1lwplurWRlcjcmRa8sSSyhSC30OqQ9-6i9Z5pnDmetVrLwcRDfSO_x2iSeQ503PnkFruSSTBFWCQwh9TY1scA7TD2XsQHXvcm20Diq1Cm19Q4e25KEGzlp-EwLnX5krLKHVVtTPY4blK5qNJDk5YkkXL8EsA16Rj1d3Str9g21B4tLPOP_XtuFEWK5j7mA00fTCiE2mut

Retete vechi

Para conservar los excdentes de leche, los monjes cistercienses en el siglo XI, tuvieron la genial idea de elaborar esta delicia.

Press TV

Teroriști Daesh(ISIS) tratați la spital din Turcia: Source
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Some Daesh terrorists have secretly received treatment at a hospital in southern Turkey, a source says.

Press TV

Trump on his tax returns: 'None of your business'
Donald Trump says US voters do not have the right to see his tax returns.

Piesa araba




ISIS in Raqqa

U.S.: ISIS declares state of emergency in Raqqa
The coalition believes ISIS is now responding to those maneuvers. "We've had reports of ISIL repositioning both their combat capabilities, I guess what they think may be coming next," Warren said, using another name for ISIS. "And we've seen reports of them repositioning personnel ... either within the city or even out of the city." U.S. military also note the movement of fighters who have been well dug in throughout Raqqa could give overhead surveillance aircraft an improved chance of finding and targeting them. And while the U.S. has not officially said it believes ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi still remains in or around Raqqa, several officials say that has continued to be a working assumption. Read More

Hillary cu palarie

The Jerusalem Post

către mine
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The Jerusalem Post Newsletter
May 13, 2016
Hezbollah has not confirmed reports of Israel’s involvement; Israel has declined to comment.
The once frosty relationship between Israel and Greece has blossomed into a new partnership dedicated to boosting security ties, as the region is plagued by new threats.
Size-wise, Israel may be a microscopic molecule in comparison to China, but the Asian giant has found much to gain from a budding relationship with the Start-up Nation.
Hovi Star qualified for the finals with his namesake song „Made of Stars,” to which he received a standing ovation from the audience.
Director of a Jordanian think tank focused on Israel says part of his mission is to change his country’s public opinion of the Jewish State.
Hanan al-Hroub was recognized for embracing nonviolence and inculcating this to her primary school students.
Gal Amitai follows the values and principles of his father Yaron, who was killed in 2006 in the Second Lebanon War.
He will be interviewed live on stage by outgoing Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Steve Linde.

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